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Proposed Bill Would Use Point System for Immigration

A new bill is being considered that would change the basis on which some immigration is allowed. It is backed by both the Republican party and President Donald Trump.

The bill would use a point system to determine merit and to allow individuals to come into the United States. There are numerous categories that have to be considered, and each “answer” is worth a specific amount of points. Those who have 30 or more points have “passed” the test.

Categories include level of education, age, ability to speak English, type of job offer, Olympic medals earned and applicants’ available capital to be used for investments.

For example, those between 26 and 30 years old would be preferred, getting the maximum of 10 points. Those between 41 and 45 years old would just get four points. Those under 18 can’t apply and those over 50 would get zero points.

Salary also matters. For instance, those without a job offer get zero points, as do those who have a job offer that pays less than $77,900 per year. If a job offer pays a minimum of $103,900, though, that person gets eight points, and a job offer of over $155,800 per year earns 13 points.

Those who are very distinguished get a huge boost. For instance, if you have a Nobel Prize, you get 25 of your 30 points right there. If you have an Olympic medal that’s not more than eight years old, you get 15 points.

These are just a few highlights, but they show how the bill works. It will be important to watch and see if it’s passed into law and the effect it will have on the immigration process.

Source: TIME, “Find Out If President Trump Would Let You Immigrate to America,” Lisa Marie Segarra, David Johnson, Aug. 07, 2017