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United States sets up a new travel ban impacting nine countries

The President of the United States put out a new travel order on Sunday, Sept. 24th, 2017, and it will make it nearly impossible for people from seven different countries to enter the United States.

The first travel ban that the President put out lasted for 90 days. He did that not long after he was elected. This new order is stronger and lasts indefinitely.

The seven main countries on the list are North Korea, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Chad, and Somalia. The vast majority of people from those countries will not be allowed into the United States at all. Both Venezuela and Iraq are also noted in the travel ban, and citizens from those countries will see increased security or new restrictions, though they are not banned completely.

What is the reason for the new order? The government claims that people from those countries pose an elevated risk to national security compared to other immigrants.

Officials did say that they knew the first ban was chaotic because it was enacted so quickly. They claimed this new ban came about after far more rigorous study in an effort to avoid that the second time around. As the ban is very new, only time will tell if they were successful to that end.

For those hoping to move to the United States, the constantly shifting laws regarding immigration are very important to follow, as are any legal decisions made after those rulings are passed. It’s critical for potential immigrants to know their legal options, their rights, and what steps they need to take to immigrate successfully under the current regulations.

Source: New York Times, “New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries,” Michael D. Shear, Sep. 24, 2017