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October 2017 Archives

6 obligations of a permanent resident

If you seek to become a permanent resident, you're likely most interested in the new rights that you'll get. Not only will you lawfully be allowed to live in the United States, but you can own property, go to public schools, get a job, obtain a driver's license and apply to have family members join you in Louisiana. These are just a few examples, but they show you how beneficial this status can be.

Who's eligible for dual citizenship with the United States?

Those with dual citizenship bear the responsibility of being responsive to two different countries in terms of fulfilling their respective residency requirements and also with respect to paying taxes. Aside from being able to live in more than one country, another benefit of dual citizenship is that you can participate in government programs they both offer.

Is permanent resident status really permanent?

You're not a citizen of the United States, but you're interested in becoming a permanent resident. You know that will give you the right to work legally and to start the career you've always dreamed of. You also know it means you'll be able to live in the country without the fear of deportation.

In-person interviews added to green card application

This month, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services begin a new application process for anyone seeking to change their work visa to an employment-based green card. Under the Obama administration, USCIS performed interviews on an “as needed basis.” Now, everyone will do one.


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