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Who’s eligible for dual citizenship with the United States?

Those with dual citizenship bear the responsibility of being responsive to two different countries in terms of fulfilling their respective residency requirements and also with respect to paying taxes. Aside from being able to live in more than one country, another benefit of dual citizenship is that you can participate in government programs they both offer.

One type of individual that may quality for dual citizenship is someone that became a naturalized American while still maintaining his or her other citizenship. Although the United States has no particular policy in place that formally recognizes an individual’s right to dual citizenship, they don’t require him or her to give it up either. So long as the other country allows for dual citizenship, they can keep both.

Other types of individuals that may possess dual citizenship with the United States are native-born individuals with parents or grandparents who were immigrants. Additionally, children born here to parents from other countries may qualify for dual citizenship as well. There are also cases in which an individual lost his or her original citizenship upon becoming a naturalized American, yet regains it afterwards.

Once procured, American citizenship is considered permanent barring an individual engaging in certain non-patriotic activities. If a citizen proceeds to join a military of another country hostile to the United States, commits treason or attempts an overthrow of it, then he or she may lose his or her citizenship. An individual can voluntarily lose his or her American citizenship if he or she formally renounces it in front of select diplomatic personnel as well.

If you’re looking to pursue dual citizenship or you’ve been threatened with loss of your American citizenship, then a New Orleans immigration attorney can provide guidance in your legal matter.

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