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Civil rights groups demand the release of a disabled Mexican girl

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) pleaded with the Trump administration and Border Patrol officials on Tuesday, Oct. 31 to release a 6-year-old Mexican girl with cerebral palsy from federal custody. The undocumented immigrant girl is currently behind held at San Antonio’s Baptist Children’s Home, a private organization that cares for both migrant and orphan children.

The young girl was taken into custody by agents with Border Patrol on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at a hospital in Corpus Christi. It’s there that she had her gall bladder removed in an emergency surgery the day before.

It was earlier on Oct. 24 that the girl was in the process of being transported to Corpus Christi from Laredo when an ambulance carrying her inside was stopped. It was while the ambulance was held up that Border Patrol officers asked a relative accompanying the girl for her identification.

The girl’s 34-year-old cousin was unable to show any documentation that would have proven the girl was legally in the United States.

The ambulance was only allowed to continue carrying the girl to the hospital because she was able to show paperwork that she was en route to the hospital for surgery. Border Patrol agents reportedly followed the girl to the hospital and remained with her at all times until she was released by doctors.

It’s as she was about to be released from the hospital that border agents informed the girl’s cousin they’d only allow one of two different options to be pursued with respect to her immigration status. The girl could either be deported with her mother back to Mexico voluntarily or she’d be carted off to a detention facility to await deportation proceedings. It’s unclear when those may be scheduled for.

As for this case, it happened just before a Nov. 6 hearing that was to be held in New Orleans. That hearing was slated to determine whether it was lawful for law enforcement to be held criminally liable for failing to cooperate with federal immigration agents’ directives.

If you or a loved one have been illegally detained by Border Patrol officials, then a New Orleans immigration detention attorney can provide guidance in your legal matter.

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