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Immigration cases can rip families apart or bring them together

People who come into this country must do so legally if they want to enjoy the benefits of living here. For the people who don’t come here in this manner, there are some very specific things that must be done if they want to live in this country legally. We understand the issues that people coming into the country face and we can help them along the way.

One thing that often makes immigration cases cumbersome is the governmental red tape that they have to go through. Recently, a news story came out about the Trump administration rejecting DACA forms under the guise of them missing the deadline; however, those forms were actually submitted and in a lock box. This is an extreme example of the issues that immigrants can face when it comes to their paperwork.

Immigration cases have the ability to bring families together when things are going optimally. When these cases aren’t moving in the way they should, there is a chance that a family will be ripped apart. Knowing that we can help keep families together is a driving force behind what we do.

Every step of an immigration case has to be planned carefully. Any seemingly simple or minor errors can result in a rejection of the form. We can help you review the paperwork you have for the immigration case so that there is a better chance that it won’t be rejected on the grounds of being incorrect or incomplete.

We understand that you might be unsure about what is going on right now. We can’t offer you any guarantees, but we can work with you as you move through the process.