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December 2017 Archives

The difference between L-1, B-1 and H-1B employment visas

Many United States companies often opt to employ skilled foreigners to fill positions that they're unable to find any adequately trained Americans to fill. The type of work visa that a prospective candidate may qualify for varies depending on how long they're expected to remain in the U.S., what their professional expertise is like and where they're from.

Inhumane treatment of Somali detainees is alleged

It's a difficult time to be an immigrant in the United States. That was evidenced fully earlier this month when agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reportedly kept 92 Somali immigrants on a plane — chained — for nearly two days in conditions akin to a "slave ship." The incident occurred when ICE attempted to deport the detainees back to Somalia.

The third version of the Trump travel ban takes full effect

You have probably heard about the Trump administration travel ban in the news a lot this year. In January 2017, the administration implemented the ban but has faced several hurdles since then. There has been a halt on the ban multiple times, and the restrictions on travel have undergone several changes. 

Why do some compare immigration detention facilities to prisons?

Federal government officials describe facilities where immigrants are detained as "alternatives to detention". A recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of Kansas, has likened immigration detention centers to prisons.


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