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Immigrants have been deported without their belongings

Would you assume that those who are detained and then deported from the United States would at least be given their belongings back when they were forced to leave? After all, prisoners are given their belongings when released from jail.

Unfortunately, reports show that this is not always the case. In some situations, the loss can be devastating. Many people have brought all they owned with them and they have nothing else.

Take, for instance, the story of two sisters from Mexico who were detained after spending all of the money they had in savings to make it to the United States. They had brought with them what little they owned: their identification cards, family photos, cellphones and cash. One woman had a wedding ring.

All of that was taken from them when they were detained. They were then deported without getting any of it back.

To make matters worse, they were from a little town in Tlaxcala, Mexico, but they were sent by U.S. authorities to Ciudad Juárez. It’s a huge border town that, while it is in Mexico, isn’t remotely close to where they were actually from. They had no papers, no money and no way to contact anyone. Priceless items like the wedding ring were simply gone.

That’s not to say this happens in every case, but the fact that it has happened shows why it’s so important for those who are detained to know all of their legal rights. Many people find themselves caught up in the system with no idea what rights they have or how to fight for them, even when it seems they’re being treated unfairly.

Source: ACLU, “Deported Migrants Are Stripped of Their Dignity. They Shouldn’t Also Be Stripped of Their Belongings.,” Astrid Reyes, accessed Jan. 03, 2018