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Are you in danger of deportation?

If you fear deportation, it is important to know the reasons that immigration authorities may deport you. Even if you have a green card or visa, you may be subject to removal under certain circumstances. The current political climate surrounding immigration may make you more afraid that you will be deported.

While there are over 50 reasons for noncitizens to be removed, there are some main concerns you should know about. Most grounds for deportation fall into a few categories.

Criminal activity

The most common and obvious reason for deportation is if you have a criminal conviction. However, not all crimes justify deportation for everyone. Crimes that may get a green card holder deported include domestic violence, smuggling immigrants, firearms offenses, drug crimes, money laundering, terrorism, rape and murder. 

Immigration violations

Violation of immigration laws may make you deportable. Examples of immigration violations include:

  • Entering the country with a student visa but taking a full-time job
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Entering the country on a family visa for unmarried children but you are already married
  • Falsely stating you are a citizen
  • Failing to inform immigration authorities about a change in your address

You must make sure you follow all rules regarding your visa or green card.

False statements on immigration documents

Another potential cause for deportation is if you make misstatements or errors on your documentation, including your green card application. For example, you may get a green card because you marry a U.S. citizen, but if there is insufficient proof of you establishing a life together, you may be subject to removal. Even if you submit false documents about your assets you may face deportation.

If ICE ever detains you, you have the right to get legal representation in court. An attorney may be able to help you get a waiver, disprove the charges against you or receive immigration relief.

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