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5 benefits to becoming a United States citizen

If the countries of the world were competing for people to come and live inside them, the United States is doing very well in this competition. The “American Dream” has inspired countless people to come and live in the United States, and many more are trying to apply for residency, citizenship or just the right to come for a temporary visit.

The benefits of U.S. citizenship are numerous

Let’s look a little closer at some of the various benefits that individuals with U.S. citizenship receive:

  • The right to vote: People with citizenship can vote in state and federal elections. This allows individuals to play a part in the discourse and help steer the U.S. on the right path in governance.
  • The right to have a federal job: Most federal jobs require the workers to have U.S. citizenship.
  • The right to run for office: After receiving citizenship, immigrants can run for office and become a politician. Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen who became the governor of California.
  • The right to receive financial aid: Once you have citizenship, you can apply for and receive various federal grants to help you pay for university and higher education.
  • Display your pride and support for the United States: Seeking and receiving citizenship is a great way to show others in the United States that you’re here to stay, and you’re proud to be a part of this society of great people.

Are you ready to seek U.S. citizenship?

There are many pathways and legal options that could be available to you. Make sure you understand your personal situation and all the available options to choose the best pathway to citizenship that suits your needs.