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The H-4 visa could be in jeopardy

If you want to move to the United States for employment reasons, you’ll have various options available to you. If you have a graduate degree and you are employed in a specialty occupation that qualifies you, then the H-1B visa could be your best way to enter. The H-1B visa allows you to enter the United States to work in jobs like IT, accounting, finance, engineering, architecture, science, math and medicine.

If you can qualify for entry, though, what about your spouse? This is where the H-4 visa comes in. The H-4 visa is all about families and spouses, and helping the spouses of H-1B visa holders come to the United States with them. The H-4 visa mainly applies to the spouses of H-1B visa holders who plan to stay in the United States long-term by obtaining a green card.

At this time, lawmakers are concerned about the future status of the H-4 visa because the current presidential administration has said that it wants to rescind it. Considering the many benefits of the H-4 path for U.S. immigrants, their families and the U.S. companies that employ them, the fact that this program is threatened is a cause for concern.

If you or your family are hoping to use the H-4 visa for United States immigration purposes, you might want to keep your eyes on the law and the latest legal developments pertaining to the H-4 visa. Staying apprised of the law will help you select the most appropriate pathway to permanent residency that is available to you and your family.

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