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May 2018 Archives

What to expect if detained by immigration

It can be a scary situation when you or a loved one is detained by immigration in New Orleans. You just don't know what might happen after being detained. You might wind up getting deported or you could be released. It's a situation that needs to be handled by someone with experience in immigration law. Here's what you should expect if you are ever detained by immigration.

Push for immigration law changes put on temporary hold

We've heard a lot of talk about proposed changes to immigration laws in recent years -- and especially over the last few days. It appeared that certain politicians in Congress were going to push forward with their agenda to make immigration rules stricter. However, last Thursday lawmakers left Washington to have a week-long recess and the push for immigration reform was put on a temporary hold.

USCIS Reminds Students of Automatic Termination of OPT in Certain Circumstances

USCIS has published notice reminding F-1 students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) that transferring to another school or beginning another educational level automatically terminates their OPT and the associated employment authorization document (EAD). Students in F-1 status will not otherwise be affected as long as they comply with all requirements for maintaining student status. This includes not working with a terminated EAD.

Immigration does not hurt the American poor

There's a long-standing misconception that has existed for hundreds of years, and probably much longer. It's the idea that immigrants, when they enter the United States and other countries, hurt the poor in that country by driving down wages and making jobs more scarce. However, there is an enormous amount of evidence to prove the opposite is true. In fact, the presence of immigrants invariably boosts the economy and job creation.

What are the eligibility requirements for American citizenship

It doesn't matter your race, your religion or your creed – U.S. citizenship is open to anyone who meets the requirements. That said, there are some people who can gain citizenship faster than others based on their education, job history, skills and family relationships.

Will the Supreme Court support the White House's travel ban?

The Supreme Court appears to have a favorable view of the travel ban instituted by the White House. The ban, which targets individuals from Muslim countries in an attempt to not let them enter the United States, has had a very controversial reception. Some are in favor and some are not -- and both sides are adamant about their positions.

Re-entry permits for permanent residents of the United States

Lawful permanent residents of the United States are usually allowed to leave the country and come back. However, some limitations may apply. This is why all lawful permanent residents may want to apply for a re-entry permit, as it will ensure that they can come back into the U.S. once they've left.


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