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Immigration does not hurt the American poor

There's a long-standing misconception that has existed for hundreds of years, and probably much longer. It's the idea that immigrants, when they enter the United States and other countries, hurt the poor in that country by driving down wages and making jobs more scarce. However, there is an enormous amount of evidence to prove the opposite is true. In fact, the presence of immigrants invariably boosts the economy and job creation.

Immigrants usually move into areas that are already growing economically -- and therefore, these economies tend to need their employment contribution. After they have jobs and are earning incomes, they -- in turn -- increase the demand side of the economies where they live. The reason is obvious: Immigrants need to buy products and services just like everyone else, and this results in more job creation. Essentially, the money immigrants earn is flowing back into the economy creating more opportunities and affluence for everyone. Rather than simply sucking money and jobs out of the community, they're adding a lot more to the economy than they receive.

Finally, immigrants aren't taking jobs away from the lower economic "locals." If they're competing against anyone for employment, they tend to pose the most challenge for other immigrants. The idea that immigrants are taking jobs away from native-born Americans is false.

If you would like to immigrate to the United States and live and work here permanently, never feel as if America is doing you a "favor" by allowing you to move here. You're the one doing all the favors in this relationship. The contribution you make to your new community will help boost its economy, improve its diversity and -- whether the naysayers agree with your or not -- the facts show that you are greatly benefiting the United States by choosing to live here.

Source: Cato Institute, "The 14 Most Common Arguments against Immigration and Why They’re Wrong," Alex Nowrasteh, May 02, 2018

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