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Will the Supreme Court support the White House’s travel ban?

The Supreme Court appears to have a favorable view of the travel ban instituted by the White House. The ban, which targets individuals from Muslim countries in an attempt to not let them enter the United States, has had a very controversial reception. Some are in favor and some are not — and both sides are adamant about their positions.

The White House contends that it holds the power to prevent people from certain countries from entering the United States in order to protect national security. The more conservative justices appear to favor the White House’s plan. Samuel Alito said, “There are other justifications that jump out as to why these particular countries were put on the list,” when he commented on the fact that only 8 percent of the Muslims of the world have been affected by the ban.

Conversely, the more liberal justices stated that they weren’t certain the president has the power to indefinitely ban specific groups of travelers in contravention of congressional laws.

Justice Elena Kagan also noted that courts “are not equipped” to evaluate national security interests.

The immigration ban specifically targets the residents of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen by not permitting them to enter the United States. Some individuals will no doubt be granted exemptions, but the process of obtaining such exemptions could be time-consuming and difficult.

If you’re worried about your ability to travel to and from the United States — and how presidential, Congressional or Supreme Court decisions could affect it — make sure you stay fully abreast of any immigration law developments that could hinder your traveling capabilities.

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