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Looking at marriage fraud in the United States

Marriage fraud continues to be a problem in the United States even though there are laws in place that make it illegal. Some people will marry simply to obtain a green card so they can either enter the country or remain in the country in New Orleans. Let’s take a look at marriage fraud and the law that governs this crime in today’s post.

Marriage fraud occurs when two people marry for the reason of keeping one of the spouses in the country permanently. They don’t intend to live together, have children or even support each other. When legal residents marry people who are residents of other countries they must prove to immigration that their marriage is real.

Agents with immigration will interview these couples longer than other couples getting married or people seeking residency in the United States. The agents might also visit the couple’s home, interview employers, speak with other family members, interview friends and conduct plenty of other investigative measures to ensure that the marriage is not fraudulent.

This is not the only way a marriage can be deemed fraudulent in the United States. If you were previously married and never got a divorce, you cannot legally marry again until a divorce decree is finalized. Should you marry someone who happens to be from another country while married to someone else, this constitutes marriage fraud.

As you can see, marriage fraud is a serious crime that affects quite a lot of people each year. Don’t make the mistake of getting married simply to remain in the country when there are plenty of other residency options available in New Orleans, LA.