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The percentage of immigrants has almost never been higher

There are more immigrants living in the United States right now than at any other time in the country’s history. Reports show that the record was reached back in 2016, when there were about 43.7 million foreign-born individuals living in the country.

That said, the percentage of immigrants is not quite at its highest number on record, though it is getting close. Back in 1890, there were just 9.2 million immigrants overall, but the vastly smaller U.S. population meant that they made up 14.8 percent of the total population. That is still the record.

However, modern numbers show that about 13.5 percent of the population is made up of foreign-born individuals. That’s getting very close to setting a new record.

At the same time, the percentage has increased massively in the past 50 years. Back in 1970, it sat at just 4.7 percent. That means that it basically tripled in the years since.

The United States has traditionally been a country made up of immigrants and was founded on immigration. These numbers show that that is still true today. Immigrants from a vast number of countries still make up a huge part of the population, and reports also show that no other country in the world has more immigrants than the United States.

That said, the immigration process can be complex, and it is very important for those who want to come to America to know exactly what steps they need to take. That is especially important in the modern era. Make sure you understand the laws that govern this complicated process.