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Were you scammed by someone offering to help you with a visa?

It’s a sad fact that scammers prey mainly on the those whom they perceive to be the most weak and vulnerable. Those seeking asylum, worker visas or United States citizenship may fall into those categories due to their desperation or even the language barrier.

If you are approached by someone who promises to help you with your immigration issues, it’s important to understand that the individual may not be legitimate. He or she may instead be running an illegal scam that will not get you any closer to your goal. Their only intent is to separate you from your money.

In order to avoid being victimized by scam artists, make sure that you seek advice only from legitimate immigration attorneys or an accredited Department of Justice (DOJ) representative.

The immigration process is currently in a state of flux, and there are many changes on the horizon. Other changes have already been implemented that could potentially affect your status.

Following a scammer’s advice and direction could cause you to run afoul of United States immigration policies and even get you deported. You may receive little or no notice after an alleged transgression brought about by the illicit advice.

Don’t jeopardize your chances to begin a new life legally here in the United States by taking bad advice that may be offered to you for a cheap price. Some immigration resources are actually free, and should you need the services of a legitimate attorney well-versed in immigration policies and procedures, the price you pay for legal representation will be well worth it once you achieve your immigration goals.