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How immigrants have shaped American businesses

The United States is a country that has been shaped by immigration for generations. That is still true today. While the topic may be a political hot button in the modern era, it used to be something that the United States relied on to expand the population and to grow into a world power.

Even today, immigrants still benefit the country on many levels. For example, they have helped to create jobs and drive business and innovation forward. Their entrepreneurial spirit cannot be denied.

Did you know that when looking at companies in the United States that are worth at least a billion dollars — major corporations by any measure — over 50 percent of them were started by someone who was an immigrant? These corporations create an incredible amount of new jobs — an average of 760 per company.

It’s not just huge corporations that have been influenced by immigration, either. When looking at all of the new companies in the United States, around 25 percent of them are founded by immigrants. In the past 10 years, these companies have seen their wages go up by around 60 percent.

Finally, consider that immigrants have been responsible for 76 percent of new patents coming from universities in this country. Americans have always prided themselves on inventions and ingenuity, and it is obvious that immigrants play a large role in that process.

It becomes clear very quickly that immigrants help shape the American economy. They create jobs. They increase wages. They help drive the economy forward, even when it has struggled in recent years.

Those who are considering employment-based immigration need to know exactly what legal steps to take so that they can become part of this legacy.