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Do detention centers really meet immigrants’ needs?

Detention centers are supposed to provide immigrants with everything they need while they are being detained. They may not be free to go, but they still do have basic human rights that must be respected.

But does this always happen? It’s an important question to ask, especially since there are stories about immigrants being denied things they felt were very important.

For instance, immigrants in one center said that they got food that they could not even eat because of their religious beliefs. Many of those in the center were Hindu, and they were just trying to get asylum to stay safe. They were given meals containing pork and beef. That meant all they could really eat were small side portions of vegetables.

One person who was being held put it quite simply: “We are dying day by day inside here.”

People also complained about the temperature in the facility, saying it was far too cold. One person was only wearing shorts and a shirt at night and said that the cold was “terrible.” They implied that these living conditions were essentially inhumane. Some talked about sobbing uncontrollably, and some talked about considering ending their own lives.

Stories like this make it clear that detention centers do not always give people the conditions they expect. This goes for anyone being detained, even if they were asking for asylum.

It is very important for those who think that their human rights have been violated to know what legal steps to take. While detention centers may be designed to make them feel powerless, they do often have options. An attorney can help them learn more.