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Employers can’t discriminate against immigrants

No matter how you got to the United States, as long as you have a valid authorization to work, you have to be treated just like all other employees. You cannot be discriminated against in any way. You have the same rights and protections as citizens who have lived their entire lives in the country.

This means that natural citizens have the same rights as:

  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers
  • Temporary residents
  • Permanent residents

What types of protections do you have? For one thing, an employer cannot decide who to hire based on their status or background. If you are equally qualified for a position as an immigrant and it goes to a citizen simply on the basis that the employer does not want to hire immigrants, that is illegal. Your work authorization is valid and you should have the same opportunities as anyone else.

Employers also cannot discriminate against immigrants that they already hired by firing them, paying them less money, giving them less time off, refusing to pay them overtime, taking their tipped wages, cutting their hours, cutting their pay, giving them tasks that other workers don’t want or doing anything else to make their employment unpleasant. They simply have to treat all employees the same way and respect them regardless of their race, ethnicity, country of origin or their status as an immigrant.

Are you interested in coming to the United States for work, hoping to enjoy these rights and opportunities once you arrive? Make sure you know about all the protections you have as a worker and the steps you need to take to immigrate legally.