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The types of jobs widely available to immigrants

If you're interested in employment-based immigration -- perhaps you're thinking of coming to the United States yourself or maybe you're already here on a work visa and you want to know how to extend your stay -- you may find yourself wondering what jobs immigrants tend to seek.

Naturally, the answer depends on the person. Some immigrants come into advanced medical and technology fields. They're usually already experts in these fields already, and they want to work with cutting-edge American companies. Others come to start their own businesses, knowing that a model that has worked for them elsewhere can work in the United States.

That said, statistics do show us that immigrants most often seek out employment in careers that focus on physical labor. A few of the most common jobs immigrants tend to hold in the current economy include:

  • Agricultural positions
  • Plasterers and stucco masons
  • Ceiling tile installers
  • Drywall installers and tapers
  • Sorters and graders for companies in the agricultural industries
  • Housekeepers and maids

Many times, people just capitalize on the skills that they already have when they come to a new country. Someone who has 20 years of experience building houses, installing drywall, fixing stucco and putting on new roofing materials knows that those skills translate well to the American housing industry. Skilled workers are very valuable, and skilled laborers can seek out positions where their expertise gives them an edge.

Of course, you can come to the United States to work in almost any industry of your choosing, depending on where your personal expertise lies. Having a plan is often the key to making the immigration experience a success. Make sure you understand exactly what steps to take and how to immigrate legally so that you can advance your career.

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