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What is on a United States citizenship test?

You want to immigrate to the United States with the eventual goal of becoming a citizen. You know that means you’ll have to take a citizenship test at some point, and you’re planning ahead. What is on that test and what do you need to know?

There are two main parts to the test: Civics and English.

In the civics portion of the test, you will have to answer questions about history, civics and the United States government. While there are 100 questions to choose from, they’re just going to ask you 10 of them on your actual test. You don’t know which ones they’ll be. If you can get six or more of the questions right, then you have passed that portion of the exam.

In the English portion of the test, you’ll get three different sentences for a handful of different exercises. For instance, you’ll need to pick one of three to read out loud. You can pick another one out of a different group of three to write. You will also need to work with a handful of vocabulary words. These could be verbs, questions, prepositions, or the names of countries, states, holidays or historical figures, just to name a few examples.

Overall, the goal is just to make sure that you have a basic grasp of the English language and the way the country works. This also proves that you are able to work hard toward your goals and that you honestly value becoming a citizen.

Get started by looking into your immigration options, so that you fully understand your options for legally staying in the United States and becoming a citizen. This process can take some time, but remaining dedicated and working hard can get you through it.