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February 2019 Archives

FAQs about seeking asylum

Immigration is a complex process that takes many forms. Often, people see immigration in black-and-white terms: illegal immigration and formally going through the citizenship process. However, there is another type of immigration called seeking asylum. In fact, there were over 250,000 asylum cases filed in 2017.

Trump's border wall plans move ahead: What it means for Louisiana

On Feb. 15, President Donald Trump made the decision to declare a national emergency as he promised he would would do if Democrats failed to pony up the money necessary for him to get his border wall built. Now that he's declared an emergency, it has left many Louisiana lawmakers wondering whether funding for some of their important pet projects in New Orleans will be withdrawn.

When can the U.S. government order an alien to be removed?

We hear a lot these days about deportation, but just what is it and who can be deported? Deportation, which also is known as removal, happens when an immigrant is detained and shipped out of the country. The alien can be deported for violating a criminal or immigration law. Once returned to their home country, the deported person might not ever be able to come back to the United States, even just for a short visit. But before anyone can be removed, they can challenge the government's order.

Immigration sting a pall over international student visa program

Recent reports detail a sting operation that was set up by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Its target was those involved in an immigrant student visa scam, and the consequences might have a chilling effect for international students seeking to enroll in educational programs all over the country.


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