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Trump’s border wall plans move ahead: What it means for Louisiana

On Feb. 15, President Donald Trump made the decision to declare a national emergency as he promised he would would do if Democrats failed to pony up the money necessary for him to get his border wall built. Now that he’s declared an emergency, it has left many Louisiana lawmakers wondering whether funding for some of their important pet projects in New Orleans will be withdrawn.

Of particular concern to Louisiana senators is whether the $1.4 billion that was committed to the state as part of a flood protection disaster fund will be recinded so Trump can build his wall.

While many Lousiana lawmakers share Trump’s concern that illegal immigration is putting the United States’ national security at risk, they note that the homes and lives of Lousianians are enormously important to them. While they’ll support the president’s choice to declare a national emergency, they note that they’ll continue to fight for funding to be taken from other funds instead of flood remediation accounts.

The funds that Trump is expected to additionally tap into to fund this project include $2.5 billion in funds set aside for drug interdiction, $3.5 billion in fees slated for military construction and $600 million in U.S. Treasury forefeiture reserves.

One of the main goals of Trump since he first started campaigning for president was to find the funding necessary to build a wall and to slow illegal immigration. If your legal status in Louisiana or the country at large isn’t permanent and you’re wondering about how the building of this wall may impact you and others in the future, then a US immigration law attorney can provide sound insight.