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How long will deportation actually take?

If you are worried about getting deported, or if you have family members who are, one of your biggest questions is probably how long that process will take. Does it happen overnight? Could it take years? If you’ve never been through this before, you may honestly not know what you’re facing.

The reality is that there are two different ways to deport immigrants: an expedited process and a traditional process. The expedited process is rather new, having started in 2017. As the name implies, it speeds things up dramatically.

With the traditional process, deportation cannot happen without the involvement of the court, and that naturally slows things down. For many people, 24 months to 36 months is an average wait time. You’ll have a few years to sort things out and make your case.

With the expedited process, the courts are not used. The increase in speed is incredible; many people get deported in about two weeks. That’s not overnight, but it certainly feels like it if you were expecting to have more time.

One thing that impacts the case substantially is what tactics you or your loved one decide to use. Are you planning to fight it? Do you think it is unlawful? Do you want to know about all of the rights and legal options you have? If so, it is likely going to take longer.

It is very important to know where you stand and what to expect when facing deportation. This is a difficult time, but you do have options and you need to know how to take advantage of them.