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Trump seeking more changes in immigration procedures

The Trump administration wants to charge change a number of immigration regulations, which includes adding a fee to process applications filled out by asylum seekers as it continues to try to stem the number of people from Central America who want to enter the United States.

Many of the migrants showing up at the border say they are trying to escape poverty and violence and need asylum.

President Donald Trump recently ordered the attorney general and the acting director of homeland security to overhaul the asylum system, which he has called “in crisis” and contends suffers from “rampant abuse.”

Trump has given his team 90 days to develop new regulations and also wants staff to put a system in place a system whereby the cases are adjudicated within six months of the filing.

The president also wants the government to charge a still-unspecified fee to process applications for both asylum and employment authorization. It is unclear if the fee would be low enough for families in poverty to actually be able to pay it.

And finally, Trump wants anyone who has entered the United States, or tried to enter the country, illegally to be banned from receiving a provisional work permit. He also wants work authorizations revoked when people have been denied asylum and also ordered to be deported.

These changes to U.S. immigration law – from the fee to work permits – will cause dire situations for some immigrants or would-be immigrants. Anyone currently living in Louisiana or anywhere in the United States should seek legal assistance if these new regulations could affect them.