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3 issues that commonly lead to green card denials

Many noncitizen New Orleans area residents face challenges while trying to gain the right to become a permanent resident of the country. Some of them are aware that they need to apply for a green card. In order for them to qualify for a green card or permanent residence, they must supply information and documentation to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency and wait for a decision. 

Approval for a green card is not automatic. There are many reasons that green card applicants receive denials. Here are a few common issues that can waylay green card applicants and cause delays or outright denials with petitions to become permanent residents of the United States. 

1. Unfavorable health 

Applicants must undergo a health examination from an approved physician. This medical professional must screen green card petitioners for certain communicable or contagious ailments, narcotic use, and mental or physical conditions that make them dangerous to others or themselves. A doctor will also document the medical and vaccination history of applicants. If there are missing vaccinations, nonimmigrants can receive them from the doctor. However, the refusal of certain vaccinations and medical care and adverse medical findings often lead to denials. 

2. History of violations 

Not all immigrants seek out the path to citizenship immediately or soon after their arrival in the country. Some individuals wait years before applying for citizenship. Green card approval is contingent on many things, including whether there is a history of immigration violations. Common unlawful citizen problems that cause green card denials include not showing up for prior legal immigration hearings, unlawfully avoiding deportation or removal dealings, misrepresentation upon initial or previous entry to the country and not complying with the all visa requirements. 

3. Not supplying proper documentation 

The green card application requires applicants to provide many different types of documentation. Missing or inaccurate paperwork can result in a denial. Not paying all application and filing fees in a timely manner can also cause denials. 

Not all applicants have the opportunity to appeal their denials. Green card appeal eligibility is dependent on the reason for denial.