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Immigrants’ real impact on U.S. jobs

Those who oppose immigration often trot out the old line about how people coming into the U.S. from other countries are going to take away the jobs that the Americans who were born within the borders wanted to get. They say that this is only going to lead to unemployment, homelessness, welfare needs and many other such issues.

But is that true? Studies have found that it is not.

For one thing, some studies have found that immigration actually has a positive impact on job creation. Instead of taking jobs, immigrants help create more of them, which then gives American-born workers more opportunities.

Plus, there are professions where we have shortages of qualified workers. For instance, some note that there are not enough American-born doctors to take on all of the needs of society. Banning all immigrants would simply make the shortage of doctors in the United States even more pronounced. It’s not as if immigrants are taking jobs from American doctors.

Others have warned of a “brain drain” in the tech spaces. Many people who work in tech companies and science professions are immigrants. You do not have long lines of Americans with the same skills, training and knowledge. Blocking immigration would just lower the number of high-caliber professionals in these fields.

As you can see, immigration is good for the United States. It’s good for people who want a fresh start. It is good for those looking to find jobs or to start companies and create jobs. Everyone wins. If you’re thinking about coming to America, make sure you know what legal steps to take.