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3 benefits of immigration

Some Americans fear immigrants entering the country due to beliefs largely based on misinformation. This fear is nothing new. It was even present during colonial times, although the U.S. was a young nation born from immigrants. The natural human traits of misunderstanding and prejudice contribute to common myths about immigration being dangerous to the country.

The truth is that immigration brings positive changes to countries, including the U.S. These are just three of the many benefits immigration has had on America.

1. Economy boost

Contrary to popular misconceptions, immigrants do not take away jobs from Americans. Instead, they tend to fill empty positions, usually either high-paying ones in sectors such as health care and technology or lower-paying jobs in labor.

Neither do they overburden the government financially. In fact, immigrants will pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits, and they receive fewer benefits than natives do because immigrants tend not to qualify for as many. In the end, immigrants boost the economy through their contributions to the workforce and marketplace.

2. Spread of ideas

Immigration is not only about the people but also their cultures and beliefs. They help connect Americans to the rest of the world in today’s global society. Immigrants expose this country to new foods, ideas and services. This is clear in the fact that a third of patent filers are immigrants, and more entrepreneurs are foreign born than native. 

3. Lower crime

Perhaps the greatest reason people are against immigration is that it supposedly leads to greater crime and violence. With the media focusing on devastating events, it is easy to see why people may have this concern.

However, crime rates are actually lower among immigrants than native-born citizens, and most terrorist attacks have been by foreigners who were visiting and not staying in the country long term. The risk of death in a terrorist attack by a permanent immigrant is very low.