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September 2019 Archives

Understanding immigration detention and the removal process

If you or a loved one have been detained as an immigrant, it is likely to be an upsetting situation in which you feel powerless to do anything. Immigrants who have not yet proven their right to reside in the US risk being detained by law enforcement so that their immigration status can be reviewed.

How immigration improves health care

America's health care system faces many obstacles, one of which is patients having access to care, particularly minorities and/or those living in rural places. Additionally, the growth in the aging population contributes to a higher doctor-to-patient ratio, and time-consuming administrative tasks prevent providers from seeing more patients.

How long do immigrants typically remain in detention facilities?

President Trump has taken a hard-line approach to deal with illegal immigration since he first came into office a few years ago. This has resulted in an uptick in detentions of would-be residents and citizens. While many news outlets and lawmakers alike have called attention to the plight of these immigrants, very little has been said about how long that they generally remain locked up.


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