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How the immigration decline hurts the future

Did you know that immigration is falling in the United States? Even fully legal immigration is down lately, dropping 12% between 2017 and 2018. That’s a massive fall for just one year, especially if that trend continues.

If it does, it could have a very negative impact on the future of the United States. After all, this is not the first country to see such a decline.

The same thing happened in Hungary, for example, when the birth rate dropped at the same time. The combination of fewer births and fewer immigrants means that the country may not have enough young members of the population to adequately take care of the aging percentage as those individuals begin to retire.

You can find similar stories in places like Spain and Japan. The population keeps growing older because both the immigration and birth rates are low.

As you may know, the United States also has a falling birth rate, something that is very common in similar countries in the modern era. However, the U.S. has always kept its population numbers up through immigration. Young people don’t have to be born here to keep the population young. They can emigrate here and have the same impact.

If they stop coming through legal immigration, though, what does that mean for the future? Could the United States find itself unable to take care of the elderly, just like Hungary? What drastic measures may become necessary if that happens?

These are all important questions to ask, which is why it’s so crucial to keep an eye on immigration trends and for potential immigrants to know what legal steps to take.