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Immigrants face discrimination issues

With the current state of immigration in the United States, immigrants may feel that they face discrimination issues in many areas. This can impact their ability to get a job, find a place to live, integrate into society and much more. In some cases, discrimination could even lead to arrest and incarceration.

You can see how common this is when you consider the fact that the term “illegal alien” was recently banned in New York City. Lawmakers note that it can be demeaning and discriminatory. It can be used to harass and stereotype people, often based on an assumption about their ethnic background or national origin.

What this indicates for immigrants is that some lawmakers do understand the challenges they face. Unfortunately, experts also note that “anti-immigrant sentiments” often “permeate all levels of government.” The use of the term “illegal alien” is just seen as one way that this manifests itself, but it sheds light on how widespread the issue is and how terms that have become so common are often used in such a negative fashion, exposing these opinions and perspectives.

Of course, banning terms and stereotypes is just the beginning. It does not necessarily protect immigrants from discrimination on many levels, including discrimination during an arrest, a traffic stop, a home search or other official police actions. The unfortunate reality is that these are issues immigrants see daily, sometimes leading to unlawful arrests.

Immigrants who do get arrested, or who run into other types of trouble with the authorities, must be sure that they understand all of the legal rights that they have in the United States.