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The facts about the new U.S. immigration ban

You probably heard about a temporary immigration ban for the United States. The announced ban is supposed to last for 60 days, starting Apr. 22.

If you are seeking to come to this country to work or live with your family, or if you are trying to bring relatives to join you in Louisiana, you may be wondering if that is impossible, or where you and your loved ones stand.

Looking at the executive order

The executive order that began the ban seems to be less restrictive than what was first discussed on social media. However, it does affect family visas. Specifically, those who have a relative who is a U.S. citizen or has legal permanent resident status and is trying to get an immigrant visa based on that relationship. It seems that U.S. immigration services will be issuing far fewer family-based visas for at least the next two months. Even those who have already been approved will have to wait. However, there is an exemption for spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens.

However, it appears that most temporary worker visas are still being offered, as well as investor visas and immigrant worker visas for healthcare professionals. Employers looking to hire skilled foreign nationals in fields other than medicine may not be able to obtain visas for those workers, unless they are already in the U.S. — which many of them are.

Know where your application stands

This order could delay families being reunited in New Orleans or around the country. If you are uncertain about whether you or your family will be affected, contact your immigration attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer should be paying close attention to changes in immigration law and taking appropriate action for their clients.