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Immigration law changes for H-1B workers in 2022

Residents of New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana may be aware of new changes to the immigration lottery system. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services made an announcement that it will end the lottery system for another system that favors foreign workers who are more highly paid. It ensures that the most skilled foreign workers receive H-1B visas, employing a new wage-level selection process.

USCIS lottery system to end

According to the announcement, a wage-based approach will replace the current rule. This applies to H-1B petitions for the year 2022.

Until 2021, the system was one of random selection. The abundant applications far exceeded the quotas, so a lottery system became the selection method. The new regulation will hire the highest paid workers first, effectively eliminating the lottery system.

Submissions for new system begin in March

Employers can begin their submissions in March of 2021. It will protect holders of visas from exploitation while encouraging new workers in higher-paying fields.

American workers will not find displacement

USCIS says that lower-paid foreign workers will not be taking jobs from American workers. This is one of the other goals of the new changes in immigration law.

Do you have questions about the new H-1B ruling? If you or a member of your family is facing an issue with immigration, citizenship or employment, it may be wise to consult an attorney with experience in this type of law. A legal professional may make the immigration process easier for both employers and employees. This type of attorney might be able to smooth your experience with visas, J-1 waivers, battered spouse petitions and other types of immigration applications.