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Detention of pregnant women grows under Trump administration

U.S. officials have detained more than 2,500 pregnant women in the past three years, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, and the number has gone up steadily since changes to the immigration policy took effect in 2017.

Mumps outbreak in detention facility concerns families

Immigration law in the United States has been a complicated practice in recent decades. Disputes involving visiting families or work permits may be sorted out with little lost except time. But time can feel like an enemy if someone is detained due to their immigration status.

When can the U.S. government order an alien to be removed?

We hear a lot these days about deportation, but just what is it and who can be deported? Deportation, which also is known as removal, happens when an immigrant is detained and shipped out of the country. The alien can be deported for violating a criminal or immigration law. Once returned to their home country, the deported person might not ever be able to come back to the United States, even just for a short visit. But before anyone can be removed, they can challenge the government's order.

Report: More immigrant children were taken from their parents

When the current administration began allowing officials to separate immigrant children from their families back in early 2018, it caused an uproar. People could not believe that young kids were being taken away from their parents.


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