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How to seek asylum in the United States

Thousands of people come to the country each year seeking protection from discrimination in their country of residence. This discrimination can be religious, sexual, related to race, nationality, political affiliation and belonging to a particular social group. Seeking asylum in the United States can lead to you being allowed to remain in the country permanently. You need to follow the rules outlined in this post in order to legally seek asylum.

Push for immigration law changes put on temporary hold

We've heard a lot of talk about proposed changes to immigration laws in recent years -- and especially over the last few days. It appeared that certain politicians in Congress were going to push forward with their agenda to make immigration rules stricter. However, last Thursday lawmakers left Washington to have a week-long recess and the push for immigration reform was put on a temporary hold.

Immigration does not hurt the American poor

There's a long-standing misconception that has existed for hundreds of years, and probably much longer. It's the idea that immigrants, when they enter the United States and other countries, hurt the poor in that country by driving down wages and making jobs more scarce. However, there is an enormous amount of evidence to prove the opposite is true. In fact, the presence of immigrants invariably boosts the economy and job creation.

Will the Supreme Court support the White House's travel ban?

The Supreme Court appears to have a favorable view of the travel ban instituted by the White House. The ban, which targets individuals from Muslim countries in an attempt to not let them enter the United States, has had a very controversial reception. Some are in favor and some are not -- and both sides are adamant about their positions.

For how long can green card holders leave the United States?

After acquiring your green card and the permanent residency and right to work in the United States that comes with it, you'll have a very valuable commodity on your hands that probably took a mix of luck and patience in order to achieve. As such, you'll want to follow all the rules that apply to your green card closely so you don't risk losing it.

5 benefits to becoming a United States citizen

If the countries of the world were competing for people to come and live inside them, the United States is doing very well in this competition. The "American Dream" has inspired countless people to come and live in the United States, and many more are trying to apply for residency, citizenship or just the right to come for a temporary visit.

Which country has the most powerful passport?

If you've applied for U.S. citizenship and you're currently going through the naturalization process, one of the most important benefits you'll receive as a citizen is the benefit of holding one of the most powerful passports in the world. The power of the U.S. passport allows you to gain access to numerous countries easily, without a visa or by way of a streamlined visa application process.

Why would I want to have dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship comes with a lot of advantages for the people who are lucky enough to have it. Let's say that you were born in Italy, and you're an Italian citizen, and you want to become a U.S. citizen as well. Aside from being able to live and work and enjoy all the benefits of being an American, you'll get to retain the benefits of being an Italian.

Immigration cases can rip families apart or bring them together

People who come into this country must do so legally if they want to enjoy the benefits of living here. For the people who don't come here in this manner, there are some very specific things that must be done if they want to live in this country legally. We understand the issues that people coming into the country face and we can help them along the way.


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