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Permanent residency and other filing fees to increase on Dec. 2

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) planned to announce rate hikes for many of its popular immigration and naturalization services on Nov. 14. The cost to file for U.S. citizenship is one of the fees expected to increase the most. Early reports showed that it would increase by as much as 83% over what it has historically been. These increased rates are slated to go into effect on Dec. 2.

Warning signs that could lead claims of marriage fraud

Dealing with the immigration laws of the United States can be stressful and difficult for visitors or those who wish to make a life in the country. It's in your best interest to learn the laws so you are positive you are not breaking any of them, which could lead to you being deported and not being allowed back across the border. Here are some warning signs that could lead to claims of marriage fraud.

Can I bring my sibling to the United States?

Imagine you've moved to the United States from another country. After years of building a life here, you've finally obtained your official U.S. citizenship. Now, you'd like to bring your sister or brother here to live with you. You and your brother or sister may be in luck!

Do you need to carry your green card?

A green card is the more common name for a Permanent Resident Card in the United States. This card shows the authorities that you have permission to work in the United States and to live within the country's borders. You have gone through the immigration process and you are here legally.

The role of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is an important agency that operates throughout the country, including in New Orleans, Louisiana. This agency is responsible for monitoring lawful immigration to the country and is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Let's examine the role of the USCIS.

How to maintain your permanent United States residency status

Obtaining your green card to live legally in the United States is an exciting time for people of any background. You've worked hard to obtain the green card, studied, worked and done everything the laws have asked you to do. Simply obtaining the green card for permanent residency does not mean you will keep it for the rest of your life. You need to maintain your permanent residency status.

Looking at marriage fraud in the United States

Marriage fraud continues to be a problem in the United States even though there are laws in place that make it illegal. Some people will marry simply to obtain a green card so they can either enter the country or remain in the country in New Orleans. Let's take a look at marriage fraud and the law that governs this crime in today's post.


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