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New Orleans Immigration Lawyer

At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we focus our practice solely on immigration and the many issues that surround it, primarily those relating to employment. We represent both employers and employees, facilitating the immigration process in hiring a wide variety of employees.

This covers a broad range of immigration issues, including:

  • Naturalization (citizenship) — If you are already a permanent resident, or meet certain other criteria, we can guide you through the naturalization process to obtain U.S. citizenship.
  • Battered spouse petitions — We help victims under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) obtain permanent residence in the United States.
  • Employment authorization — We can help you determine if you are eligible for employment authorization and quickly help you apply.
  • Advance parole — We can advise you on how to travel without jeopardizing your pending permanent residence application and obtain the proper documentation.
  • J-1 waivers — Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your J-1 paperwork to tell you if you are subject to the two-year foreign residency requirement. We can help make a definitive determination and guide you through filing a waiver if one is necessary.
  • DV-1 visas (“the green card lottery”) — Don’t trust one of the many scams that are out there. Let us provide you with sound legal advice on your eligibility and application.

Louisiana Employment Immigration Attorney

We are trusted by employers throughout the United States, spanning a wide range of industries and services, including:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Oil field services and maritime companies
  • Transportation and shipping companies
  • Technology companies and small companies needing IT services
  • Account managers, accountants, financial service providers for small companies
  • Athletes and performers

We also provide representation to families seeking a range of family immigration visas, including:

  • K-1 fiance visas
  • K-3 spouse visas
  • K-4 children visas
  • Family-based permanent residence

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To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your situation and your immigration and employment goals with a skilled immigration lawyer, please contact our Louisiana office today at 504-322-1407 or toll free at 866-585-1072.