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New Orleans EB-5 Visa Lawyer

At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we assist foreign investors as they seek to expand their interests in the United States and gain entry into the country to oversee those business ventures. The process is highly detailed and rigid in its requirements. We have the intricate knowledge needed to ensure that both your immigration and business interests are protected.

Louisiana Investment Immigration Attorney

The Immigrant Investor Program, also known as EB-5, was created by Congress to encourage job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. These visas allow foreign investors entry into the country with a significant financial investment of at least a million dollars into a new commercial enterprise.

This involves a caveat of an allowed $500,000 investment into a low employment area. New Orleans is a designated targeted employment area or low employment area and eligible for the discounted investment. These investments can also be made into rural areas outside metropolitan areas or cities of 20,000 or more.

The investment must result in the employment of at least 10 qualified U.S. workers over a two-year period. The investors must show that the money came from a legal source and is at risk: if the business fails, they lose the investment.

Many investors utilize this avenue as a method for starting a business in the United States, transferring money and completing the appropriate documentation remotely.

Others utilize available regional centers. These centers are pipelines for investments to be made into low employment areas, requiring only a $500,000 investment. The process is often streamlined as the company is organized to efficiently facilitate the financial investment, moving the paperwork through expeditiously. This entire process can generally be completed within a year.

New Orleans EB-5 Visa Attorney

Business immigration requires a high level of skill and understanding of the immigration system. At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we create a highly individualized roadmap to success in your immigration goals.

To arrange an initial consultation with a skilled EB-5 lawyer, please call our Louisiana office today at 504-322-1407 or toll free at 866-585-1072.