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New Orleans Family Immigration Lawyer

U.S. immigration laws have historically been favorable to keeping families together, whether it be married couples or parents and children. At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we can help you navigate the complex process of bringing your family members to the United States in the most efficient manner possible. Each family is different in the circumstances and goals that shape it. We will listen carefully and provide you a direct plan to reunite your family.

New Orleans Family Immigration Attorney

Immigration of family members is generally divided into two groups: immediate relatives and family-based preference. There is no limit to the number of immediate relatives a U.S. citizen can petition to bring into the country, but these must be a spouse, parent or unmarried child under the age of 21.

The family-based preference options are divided into the following categories.

Family one — Instances where the individual has unmarried sons and daughters in the United States. The waiting period is roughly four years in most countries.

Family two — Spouses, children (under age 21), and unmarried sons and daughters of the individual are lawful permanent residents of the United States (LPRs).

Family three — The individual has married sons and daughters who are in the United States.

Family four — The individual has brothers and sisters who are U.S. citizens. This category of family has the longest wait period and potential delays.

A child cannot boost your immigration status until age 21.

This process is complex and highly detail oriented. At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we focus solely on immigration, and we will fight to keep your family together, guiding you every step of the process.

Louisiana Permanent Residence Attorney

Should a U.S. citizen marry a foreign national, either in the United States or abroad, he or she may apply for the permanent residence of his or her spouse. They must have met face to face, rather than just online. The U.S. citizen can petition to have his or her spouse come into or remain in the country while the process is being completed.

Individuals who wish to marry a foreign national can petition to bring the future spouse in on a fiance or K-1 visa. Once this visa is issued, the fiance may enter the country, and the two must be married in 90 days. The paperwork and the rest of the process can then be completed while the individual remains in the country.

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