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New Orleans Non-Immigrant Work Visa Lawyer

The United States allows for a wide range of visas to allow workers enter the country on a non-immigrant status for employment. Sometimes called the alphabet soup of visas, there are countless options. At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we have the legal and local understanding of immigration and employment laws to help both employers and employees meet their employment goals. We will sit down with you to make sense of the options and find the best strategy to fit your individual needs.

Louisiana H1-B Visa Attorney

The H1 Visa

One of the most common visas, an H1 visa allows entry for professional workers who are offered a job in a specialty occupation that requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. This often includes teachers, medical professionals and IT specialists. The position must have already been offered to the individual as he or she begins the process of filing for the H1.

L1 Visas — Intracompany Transferees

If you are working for a company based in a different country and the company wishes to transfer you to the United States, you may be eligible as an intracompany transferee and for an L1 visa. Individuals eligible for L1 visas are senior managers, executives and employees with specialized knowledge. L1 visas can also be available to people who have a business in another country and wish to open a branch of that company in the United States, transferring an employee here to start that interest.

This individual may remain in the country for up to seven years if qualified as a manager or executive. If classified with specialized knowledge, the time limit is five years.

Other Common Forms of Non-Immigrant Employment Visas Include:

B1/OCS: This visa is designated for outer-continental shelf workers, such as individuals employed throughout the coast states in occupations as offshore workers and other skilled worker positions.

H2B: This visa is intended for skilled workers with at least two years of experience in the role that will come in for a short period of time to do manual labor, such as housekeeping, catfish farming, rice farming, sugarcane work, hospitality work and other related jobs. This visa is generally issued for 10 months or less.

E-1/E-2: These visas are for nationals of countries that have specific treaties in place with the U.S. allowing them to enter for international trade or investment.
There are countless other forms of visas, specific to narrow areas of employment. At Immigration & Nationality Law Group, we are equipped to guide employers through the process of obtaining the correct visa for the employee they wish to hire. We will sit down with you and evaluate your situation and occupation to determine which visa will most closely help you move toward your immigration goals.

New Orleans Non-Immigrant Work Visa Attorney

Many of these visas allow an individual to begin the process to permanent residence through employment immigration. Generally this is the result of an employer sponsoring his or her green card. We will guide you through this process from the initial visa application to a permanent residence, offering knowledge and direction at every step.

Each individual path is different. We will create a plan that is unique to your situation and circumstances.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your employment goals with a skilled immigration lawyer, please call our Louisiana office today at 504-322-1407 or toll free at 866-585-1072.